Afrostar, the United Digital Currency of Africa to be listed on Binance Exchange

The united digital currency of Africa Afrostar is eyeing major Exchange listings in subsequent months including Binance 8.0. Launched in November 2021, Afrostar is considered the next big digital asset in the African market by cryptocurrency experts.

It aims to be THE digital currency that is trusted and used across Africa, and a leading cryptocurrency around the globe. It seeks to provide one-stop solutions to Africa through the promotion of intra-continent trade.

Team Afrostar

The joint CEO of Afrostar Darren Winters is an owner of the top investment training company in Europe and currently works with over 500000 clients. The COO of the Afrostar, Ambassador Wallace being an ambassador of Nigeria itself has in-depth knowledge and understanding of business across Africa.

Similarly, the CMO of Afrostar is one of the leading digital marketing experts in the world. He has experience in managing multi-million dollar marketing teams and worldwide campaigns. He is very optimistic about the huge growth potential in the crypto world.

Phases to glory

The team plans to launch the Ecosystem phase-wise.

  • Phase 1 of the project will launch the crypto token Afrostar. It offers an early investment opportunity to traders.
  • In Phase 2, the Afrostar coin and the blockchain will be launched.
  • Phase 3 will introduce the Afrostar Crypto Currency trading exchange including copy trading and the NFT platform.

About Afrostar

The Afrostar ecosystem is a suite of online tools and DApps for crypto investors, powered by the Afrostar token. It includes the Afrostar cryptocurrency trading exchange, P2P exchange, copies trading platform & community, along with the NFT platform. It has various safety protocols to protect investors including the locking of the Liquidity Pool, buying back funds in support of the token price, and toxic whale tax to protect against price fluctuations.

The project’s native coin is AFRO, and the adoption of this coin will make it possible to trade between any African country to generate better returns over time. Being the united currency of Africa, Afrostar shall offer the most desired features and facilities to all native Africans.

Afrostar is a crypto token for Africa with a vision of becoming a mainstream cryptocurrency used and trusted in the continent and the world at large. The team is already expanding its investor base along with its social media presence to match its global marketing campaigns.

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