Zeronauts: The World’s First Sustainability Assessment Platform for Cryptos

Zeronauts is launching the one and only sustainability assessment platform for cryptos. The project brings ecological and socia...
July 27, 2021

xStarter: A Decentralised Ecosystem For ILOs And NFTs On xDai

The cost of maintaining a gift card or reward system for traditional businesses can often be prohibitive for a lot of businesse...
July 22, 2021

Panda Tsuki: Launching A Fully Transparent Meme Coin For Charity

Cryptocurrency is booming as a way to make passive money. Even though it was originally created as a means of exchange for mone...
July 21, 2021

Cryptocurrency QWAN ICO Promises Investors Ethical Wealth Generation

A new cryptocurrency called QWAN claims to have a model for generating ethical profits for its investors. Promising complete de...
July 21, 2021

Mind Music Coin: A Cryptocurrency For Mental Health Through Music

The need to bring mental health more into the light and attention is increasing day by day especially because of the pandemic. ...
July 21, 2021

VcashPay: An Advanced Platform For Secure Virtual Payments

The pandemic has persuaded everyone to migrate towards the virtual world and depend more on the internet to avoid contact. As t...
July 20, 2021

Levf Finance: A Platform that Addresses the Major Issues in Crypto

The cryptocurrency world has been growing and changing a lot recently and it is hard to keep up with the volatile nature of it....
July 9, 2021

HempCoin Partners With Eco Allies To Build A Carbon Offset Credits Trading Exchange

HempCoin Holdings LLC has come together with Eco Allies (EA) by signing a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding to develop an...
July 7, 2021

Mystery Coin Launches Mystery House with a Special Launchpad

Mystery Coin is here with yet another coin called Mystery House which will launch on July 11. The entire coin ecosystem is grow...
July 7, 2021

$LEOTOKEN – We are Live on UNICRYPT! Passive Income, Rewards, NFT & LEOPAD

  Passive income is literally making money while sleeping. LEO brings an excellent system by which token holders will earn...
July 6, 2021