Jada Finance: An AI-Based Crypto Platform To Boost The Financial Industry

Today, 80% of the world’s activities are done online. From schools to online concerts, the existence of technology is proving to be a boon day by day. Technology finds great use in finance and as transactions go online, we are in need of supreme assistance. Artificial Intelligence is one of the revolutionary inventions in technology and it is boosting machine learning to be compatible with global financial products. One of the greatest components of modern-day finance is digital currencies and in turn, cryptocurrencies. AI and crypto have been going hand in hand with systems liken Blockchains. AI-based algorithmic trading is bound to dominate in the finance industry. 

Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrency 

The capabilities of a digital ledger are now more than just for peer-to-peer transactions. With entities like NFTs, AI just has no limit to what it can do. Combining AI and crypto might just be the super collision that will lead to a great evolution in our financial systems. Thousands of transactions can be performed within seconds with totally unrelated parties in a system with is more trustworthy than the banks. Companies have been adjusting their policies to fit into the bandwagon of global digitalisation and they are not leaving cryptocurrency out of the race. While we have advanced services, what we need is quality data to ensure that what we are working on is in fact legitimate. 

Jada Finance 

Jada Finance is a cryptocurrency ecosystem that aims to bring a solution to the existing financial problems in society with the active use of Artificial Intelligence. The broader vision of the platform is to boost financial and economic growth. The Jada AI provides users with smart banking services and opens new doors to employment and businesses. With the cognitive learning system of AI, the platform analyses economic behaviour and takes insights from different situations to come up with an ideal model for growth. 

Jada’s native currency Jades is out for purchase and investors can buy and hold the token to sell it when the price is competent enough. 

To know more about Jada Finance, visit: https://jada.finance/