Coinovy’s Collaboration with ApplePay

Coinovy helps get all digital financing done quickly and easily with the collaboration of globally trusted brands. It is a platform that provides all the basic services of purchasing, sending, receiving, or borrowing digital assets, along with huge number of digital wallets and provision of digital assistance of market experts. Moreover, crypto forecast is also a very exciting feature on this platform with 93% accuracy rate. Along with visa, and bitgo, Coinovy has also joined hands with ApplePay, providing its users with more advanced and efficient solutions to transact their money online.

Although online transactions haven’t gained enough confidence in terms of security since the last decade, Apple Pay ensures the best possible services to its users. Coinovy provides the opportunity to connect your debit card with Apple Pay and transact through the safe services of Apple servers.

Apple Pay is the digital wallet service by Apple Inc. It allows its users to make payments in person, through Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Apple watch. The method it offers is very convenient to use. It can digitalize and replace your credit or debit card with contactless payments. Apple pay provides international services to all those countries supporting contactless payments.

When it comes to security, Apple pay asks for two-factor authentication. It can be a touch ID, passcode, PIN, or face lock. It creates a dynamic security code, keeping customers’ payment information secure and hidden from the retailer. Hence, Coinovy makes sure that all your data is safe in your online transactions or payments by providing you with Apple pay services. Apple pay is also convenient to use since you only need to point your authenticated Apple device to the card reader, and the transaction is verified through the passcode. Apple Pay supports the feature of immediate notification pop ups of transactions, making it even more fast and reliable to use.

Using the latest contactless network service, Apple Pay allows its users to make higher transactions with merchants. Apple pay is flooded with services like Express travel, global acceptance, and Apple cash. In Express travel, it allows payment on certain public transport networks without detailed authentication. About two-thirds of the merchants around the world accept Apple Pay, resolving the issue of cross-border payments. Similarly, Apple Pay Cash allows the user to transact among other apple pay users via iMessage. Above all, Apple pay does not cost extra transaction fees from merchants and users, as both have a contract with the card issuer.

Apple users can convert their crypto to fiat with apple pay. Coinovy provides apple users the right platform to convert their cryptocurrency to fiat. The apple users, acquiring 10th of the total online transaction market, can now be supported by Coinovy utilizing Apple pay services. Coinovy widens up the demand by allowing the transaction between 150 plus countries. Moreover, it is easy to use as all the services required by crypto holders are available under one roof. Coinovy, through its integration with companies like bitgo, visa and Applepay, is ensuring safety and security thus providing a one-step solution to all your online finance requirements. So don’t waste your time and get your membership right away!