Crypto Investment Platform, KoinBasket Launches its Demo Trading App

The Singapore-based Crypto start up aims to accelerate mass adoption of crypto investing for the next billion users. Crypto investment platform, KoinBasket has launched its “Demo Trading App” that allows users to invest in cryptocurrencies without investing any real money. This new product aligns with the company’s vision and novel approach towards helping novice retail investors find

2022 Best Performing Agency

Marketing is crucial in the crypto industry, where competition is fierce and the stakes are high. With so many different crypto projects vying for attention and adoption, it’s more important than ever to stand out and differentiate your brand. In this article we look into the winner of the 2022 – Best Performing Agency. According


HERO SNAKE AND CARRER BREAKTHOUGH WITH E-NFT Right from the first information, Hero Snake has quickly attracted the public not only by attractive gameplay but also by the new breeze called E-NFT. Unlike conventional NFTs, E-NFT will act as a stake in the project. So E-NFT holders also get more value. In addition, E-NFT also

CryptoGames: A Modern CryptoGames Casino

Gambling has always been one of the most highlighted mediums that offer high-value entertainment for risk-takers. Modern gambling has been evolving since the internet has decided to merge the entertainment system with many more digital advancements. With the easy access to different crypto finance systems, modern crypto-based casinos are now highlighted as some of the

Launch of the First Central-European Green Cryptocurrency, LiveGreen Coin (LGC) on Hotbit

VIENNA, 1 November, 2022 – The experienced European team behind LGC, consisting of cryptography experts, developers, business  specialists and advisors, announced today to launch a new Central – European initiative to reform the crypto currency market with special emphasis on environmental and green aspects. “It is with great happiness and genuine excitement that we announce

The NFT Project Driving Freedom of Speech in The Metaverse

“Schooling” The Metaverse On Free Speech, Tanked Gil Schoolies NFT’s Use Comedy to Fight Cancel Culture With Freedom of Speech Under Attack in and around the world, Tanked Gil Schoolies, a 10k digital collection of unique Human/Fish lovable characters and web3 entertainment studio, clown around the Metaverse and internet promoting free speech through their edgy

Introducing MBANK, A Decentralized Financial Protocol Built For The Metaverse

October 27, 2022– MBANK aims to play a significant role in the future of the metaverse by building a new financial protocol where all contract permissions are discarded and the liquidity pool is locked (100 years) to achieve real community governance. All participants are equal, providing MBANK token holders with the highest stable return on

DK MOBILE : GENESIS Grand Opening!

An MMORPG  game that anyone can play for free. The first on-chain game of ITSBLOC  The gates will open at 26th of October, 5:00AM UTC. Please enter DK Mobile: Genesis as a Dragon knight to hunt monsters! About DK Mobile DK Mobile is an MMORPG work produced by the well-known game developer Ntrance. With the

THE Ape-Revolution of the Defi Space

What do you get when you combine game-changing utility, an experienced team in Defi and a frenetic committed community? A monster coin in the making. THE Ape($TA) is revolutionizing the Defi space through its dApp and Telegram Bots by providing information and picked celebrity tweets making it safe to invest in the space. Almost 90%

World’s First Investment Loan Protocol PAXO Finance Launches Alpha Mainnet on Polygon

BANGALORE, INDIA / ACCESSWIRE /October 21, 2022 / Paxo Finance, a decentralized money market protocol that eliminates the inhibiting barriers in Defi, allowing users to invest MORE with LESS, launches its Alpha Mainnet on Polygon. This is a huge milestone and a defining moment for Paxo Finance and crypto verse. Even at the depth of a

The Sublimation of Metaverse Experience: Visualization, Multi-scene, Immersion

DID, Metaverse, Immersive Experience, On-chain Visualization, On-chain Interaction In recent years, the “metaverse” has become the new consensus of the global technology giants on the development trend of the Internet. Facebook, Microsoft, Nvidia and other web2 giants take the lead in making adjustments at the strategic level and layout the metaverse track. In the eyes

Funex Club Announces the Launch of its Upcoming Multi-Chain Decentralized Crypto Wallet – Funex Pro

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA / ACCESSWIRE / October 17, 2022 / After the successful launches and presale programs of its native currency, i.e., Funex Coin – Funex Club is all set to launch its non-custodial wallet named Funex Pro. Loaded with high-end features & technology, Funex Pro is a multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet. Like any crypto wallet, its primary function is to store,