HBAR Price Analysis: Will HBAR Bounce Within This Triangle?

HBAR Price Analysis: Will HBAR Bounce Within This Triangle?

The HBAR price is currently in a triangle pattern, hovering around $0.045 with resistance from the 50-day EMA.

Key Takeaways

  • HBAR price hints at a double bottom reversal starting from $0.045.
  • Bullish signals from the MACD indicator and a potential crossover support a rally.
  • A close above the 50-day EMA could propel HBAR price to $0.069.
  • The HBAR price forms a triangle pattern but struggles below the 50-day EMA.
  • Market sentiment appears to favor a bullish comeback for HBAR in Uptober.

As HBAR’s price chart unfolds, a promising scenario is taking shape. The price action is teasing a double bottom reversal starting from the $0.045 mark. A notable development is the MACD indicator, which is showing signs of bullish divergence and gearing up for a crossover, both of which bode well for a potential reversal rally.

Analysis Peak

One crucial level to watch is the 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA). A closing price above this EMA, currently acting as resistance, could trigger a surge in HBAR price, potentially reaching as high as $0.069.

However, HBAR’s journey is not without its challenges. The cryptocurrency is forming a triangle pattern on the daily chart, indicating indecision in the market. The critical support level at $0.045 plays a pivotal role in maintaining this pattern.

Despite these hurdles, there’s optimism in the air, with altcoins gaining traction and HBAR appearing poised for a bullish comeback in Uptober. This sentiment aligns with positive HBAR price predictions.

It’s worth noting that the HBAR price has been following a downtrend characterized by lower high formations. The persistent 50-day EMA continues to act as a formidable resistance, limiting the prospects of a breakout.

Currently, HBAR is grappling with a challenge: breaking free from the overhead supply at $0.045. As of now, it trades at $0.04787, showing an intraday gain of 2.12%, which raises hopes of a potential reversal.

Technical Indicators

  • MACD Indicator: The MACD and signal lines are on the brink of a bullish crossover, coinciding with declining negative histograms approaching the zero line. Additionally, a bullish divergence can be observed from the last crossover. These signals hint at a possible bounce-back in HBAR prices within the triangle.
  • EMAs: The 50-day and 200-day EMAs have been on a downward trend from a long-term perspective, signaling a bearish outlook. However, if the positive momentum continues, it could significantly increase the chances of a golden crossover.


With improving market sentiment and increasing trend momentum, the odds are in favor of an upside breakout for HBAR. If the uptrend successfully breaches the 50-day EMA, we can expect a breakout rally targeting the $0.065 mark.

However, should prices fail to surpass the EMA, the downtrend might persist, approaching the lower trendline and possibly dipping to $0.040.

As always, cryptocurrency markets are dynamic and subject to rapid changes, so it’s crucial for investors to stay informed and monitor these developments closely.