CryptoGames: The Best Casino to Play Dice, Slots and 8 Other Games!

CryptoGames: The Best Casino to Play Dice, Slots and 8 Other Games!

In today’s gambling industry, the trend of online gambling through crypto casinos has become very popular. The competition among online casinos is becoming more visible as everyone strives to outperform one another. The number of capable online casinos is growing, as many are now accepting Cryptocurrencies on their platforms. CryptoGames is one of those most well known casino for accepting Cryptocurrencies. The casino has proven to be a highly dependable that provides unrivalled service and complete transparency for all of its games. The casino provides entirely modern features in order to provide pure digital gambling fun to all players equally and fairly. Furthermore, CryptoGames is open to novice gamblers who want to join the modern rush of crypto gambling. It allows to use almost all popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. Their flexible transactions methods are complimented by their highly secure system. This means that gambling at CryptoGames is not only exciting and fun, but also safe for all gamblers.

Inside the CryptoGames:

To meet the expectations of its players, the casino has designed its system to adhere to a modern architecture that is also subtle in terms of aesthetics. Every game available on the website is free of popups and unnecessary distractions. This means that they are all as clean as they can be, with no extraneous attachments to install or deal with before playing. The casino’s user interface is built with all lightweight elements and attributes. As a result, gamblers from all over the world are enjoying the crypto gambling experience at CryptoGames via different kind of devices including mobile phones. They can rely on the adaptable financial system to make any type of deposit or exchange in order to begin playing. There are ten different types of cryptocurrencies they can use to play the games or the “Play Money” currency to thoroughly explore the casino before placing their own funds on bets. This means the casino does not require players to use their own funds until they are completely confident playing at their casino. Starting with the games, here’s an in-depth look at everything you’ll find at the casino.

Learn More About the Games:

CryptoGames strives for simplicity in all of its games in order to maintain the quality of entertainment. Right now, the casino offers 10 games to its customers, all of which are customized version of their classic version. This means that all of the games have the new age essence of modern gambling while also providing old-school vibes to the gamblers. Except for Lottery, which is only available for four cryptocurrencies, the games that are available to play with ten different cryptocurrencies are – Dice, Slot, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Plinko, DiceV2, Minesweeper, and Keno.

Those who are new to crypto gambling or have no idea about the games that are available at the casino can learn about them by reading the descriptions in the “How to Play” tab. On the main page of each game, there will be a dedicated tab with additional game instructions. All other jackpots or features have detailed instructions that are easily accessible. Players can read the blog posts where the casino provides everything for the players for in-depth descriptions of all the games and their strategies.


CryptoGames offers Dice, in a modern version of the game that is available for all ten cryptocurrencies and has a winning range of 0.000 to 99.999. The game is played by selecting conditions. The conditions are displayed to the players before they roll their dice. The game has a very simple set of rules in which players must predict where their dice roll will be based on the option they select. Players will win the game if their outcome matches the prediction. The game also has a very exciting Progressive Jackpot.


 With a winning chance of 49.73%, slot attracts traditional gamblers. Less common combinations are rewarded more, while common combinations are rewarded less. The game’s concept is based on the payout principle. CryptoGames pays out 98.028% of all coin payments. The payout table and winning combinations have been simplified so that players can enjoy the old-school feel of gambling without having to worry about complicated rules. This is one of the reasons why it is currently one of the most user-friendly games on the internet.


Blackjack, also known as 21 by gamblers, is a very popular card game all over the world. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games today. At CryptoGames, the game provides simple entertainment for all players, regardless of skill level. In Blackjack, players must earn points closer to 21 or beat the dealer’s hand without exceeding the 21 margin. The game can also be purchased with Play Money. The rules of the game allow players to Double Down, Surrender, and Split in order to form the best hand that can lead to a win.


CryptoGames provides a payout table based on the American version of the game of Roulette. However, the game’s objective is based on the European version. There are built-in auto features that assist players in placing Neighbour bets. Roulette is played by spinning a wheel with numbered compartments. Depending on the type of bet, the players win the potential pay-out of their bet. The thrill of Roulette grows as you mix and match different bet types. The mix and match also increases your chances of winning. The game requires players to devise extremely complex betting strategies in order to win each round.

Video Poker: ‘

High-rewarding video poker has been introduced into CryptoGames. The game is available in three variants: Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker, each with its own house edge and payout table. The three variants are accessible via a toggle in the top left corner of the game board. Video Poker is extremely popular among card players due to its lucrative payouts and incredible offer of a royal flush. The Royal Flush gives players the chance to win a 500-fold payout multiplier.


Hundreds of casinos now host Plinko on their platforms in order to preserve the traditional gambling ambiance. Plinko is also available in CryptoGames’ most opulent architecture, bringing the classic game back to modern gamblers. The bet is placed on a modern pegged pyramid. There are four rows of payout multipliers on the pegged pyramid, each dedicated to a different colour of ball. Players in Plinko are guaranteed to win their rewards when the ball they choose lands in a profitable slot at the bottom of the pyramid. The game has four different house edges and multiple payout multipliers.


DiceV2 is another version of Dice available at the casino. This version includes a slider bar that simplifies the setup of any bet. Players can also use the manual setting tabs while placing bets or customising their bets for the round. DiceV2’s design is completely different from the original Dice. By using the slider bar, players can quickly determine the maximum and minimum win chances, as well as the payout multipliers. Every roll’s winning chances are influenced by the payout multiplier. In this one, too, players can aim for the Jackpot by making a prediction about the outcome.


Minesweeper is considered an OG classic by many among computer games from the 1990s. It has become so popular among players all over the world that online casinos have begun to offer it on their websites in order to bring back memories for many. The game is brought in a flexible design at CryptoGames, where the goal of the game is highly rewarding. Players can win their prizes with instant cash-out options. This means that if they avoid hitting a mine, they will be able to cash out their rewards whenever they want. The game’s rules allow all players to select any number of mines to conquer on the field.


Lottery is one of the most traditional games in gambling history. Players at CryptoGames can purchase an unlimited number of tickets using four different cryptocurrencies. To purchase their tickets, they can use the Chatbox commands or the “Buy Tickets” tab. Every round, a player will see the total number of available tickets, their chances of winning, and a countdown timer that indicates how much time is left for each draw. The casino holds the draw on two different days of the week, depending on the cryptocurrency used to purchase the tickets. Lottery is available at CryptoGames with a 0% house edge policy.

Free Game Access:

When a player completes their first account registration, the casino rewards them with their inbuilt play currency. PlayMoney is the testing currency, and it is available for all games on the website except Lottery. The Play Money has an available feature that rewards players with more higher testing currency based on their player level. All of the Play Money that the players earn can be used to experiment with various strategies. The incredible feature allows any new player to test out the entire architecture of the games without spending any money of their own. All players have access to the Faucet feature. Higher-level players have the ability to request more Play Money than others.

Dice and its Progressive Jackpot Rules:

The game of Dice heightens the excitement in the minds of the players by providing them with jackpots. Players can use different strategies to win the jackpots on each bet. The Progressive Jackpot rules in Dice and DiceV2 are the same.

Dice and DiceV2 Progressive Jackpot Rules: The final result of the roll should be either 7.777 or 77.777 and the hash result must end with 77.

The roll must also be a definite winning roll, that is winning amount must exceed the bet amount.

When a player meets all of the above criteria and their winnings exceed the minimum amount specified by the casino to be eligible for the jackpot, they receive the a portion of the jackpot starting from 1%. Otherwise, if they bet higher than amount specified at the upper limit, they win the entire jackpot.

Roulette Progressive Jackpot Rules:

  • Players win all four consecutive bets with a score of 7
  •  Players must use the same cryptocurrency in all bets
  • The bet must be a winning bet where the player makes a profit, that is the amount won is higher than the amount placed
  • Players places at least the minimum bet amount specified by the casino to be eligible for the jackpot

Like Dice and Dice v2, players can win from 1% to up to 100% of the jackpot if the user meets the requirements of the jackpot.

More Prizes at CryptoGames:

As Player complete the basic tasks around the casino, they can reach higher levels.Higher player level holders receivemore rewards from the casino. For example, the more they bet, chat with other players, and build a strong community, the more chances they have to win casino rewards and levels. Through the Faucet, Rainbot, VIP memberships, promotional events, and other means, all players have the opportunity to win incredible rewards. This allows players to enjoy a fantastic gaming experience. All of the rewarding systems effortlessly complement the casino’s low house edge policy. The following is a brief description of the rewarding systems:

The Faucet:

The built-in faucet allows players to test the available games without risk before depositing their own money. The highest level player can make 60 faucet requests per day. If players want to keep testing their strategies for the games after they run out of 60 requests, they can use PlayMoney, which has infinite requests.

Introducing the Rainbot:

Players can raise their player levels by being active in the chatroom, being a consistent player on the casino, and contributing to the betterment of the community. As previously stated, the higher a player’s level, the more opportunities for winning rewards appear. Small amounts of cryptocurrency (AKA Rain) are dealt in random intervals between 30 and 90 minutes via the Rainbot. This is only applicable if a sufficient number of users have participated in the chat since the last rain.

Referral Programs:

CryptoGames strives to create a community that not only promotes the excitement of crypto gambling but also the incredible opportunities for promoting the casino and earning rewards. To accomplish this, the casino encourages players to share their referral codes with others. And in return, the casino rewards them for lifetime. If a new player uses a referral code provided by an existing player, the referrer will receive 15% off the house edge on all bets placed by their referred players. This will be available as long as their referred players continue to wager on the games.

VIP Privileges:

The monthly gambling events hosted by CryptoGames encourage players to pit their betting skills against one another. The players hope to win month-long rewards through healthy competitions. Once the players have secured their positions at the top of the leader board following the betting contests, they can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Dice bets have only had their house edge reduced. For an entire month, the house edge falls to 0.8%.
  • All bets placed by VIP members are given top priority, even if they are small in size. There are no server-side delays for the entire month.
  • 3.Increased exchange limits on all cryptocurrencies used on the website.
  • Exclusive access to the VIP chatrooms, where they can interact with casino managers.
  • Cool VIP tags to display in the Chatbox
  • Birthday present worth $100 in Bitcoins This exclusive benefit is available to all top players with tier 3 verification (KYC) or higher.
  • The number of faucet requests has been increased!

Transaction System Flexibility:

Access to the transaction systems and the ability to use their cryptocurrencies is granted only when a fully registered player creates an account. The following cryptocurrencies can be used in the games:

Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash,  Biance Coin, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum Classic, Monero, GAS, and Dash are all examples of cryptocurrencies.

Another factor influencing CryptoGames’ popularity among gamblers is their transaction system. The casino ensures a flawless deposit and withdrawalmechanism for the players from the start, which not only reflects new age improvements but also reduces any kind of transaction issues for both parties. As a result, it has built two types of transaction systems into its architecture. The first is their Regular Transaction system, which can be accessed via the “Your Account”menu, and the others are the Credit Card deposits and the Crypto Exchange system. Players can make deposits, withdrawals, and exchanges of their cryptocurrencies for all games using these features. The following are brief descriptions of Credit Card Deposits and Crypto Exchanges:


The availability of Credit Card deposits is a commendable addition to the casino’s modern transaction system. This means that players can now use the credit card system to deposit their fiat currencies and convert it to crypto currencies. However, for the time being, the credit card system is only available to BTC and ETH users. CryptoGames enables players to use their fiat currencies to broaden and expand the transaction system beyond what it was previously. This service is provided by Onramper, which is well-known for being one of the largest third-party aggregators for fiat currency deposits for crypto gambling.


CryptoGames provides an open and flexible exchange system for cryptocurrency users all over the world. ChangeNow, their newest addition, allows CryptoGames players to exchange over 40 different cryptocurrencies for any of the coins available at the casino. This means that if a player is using a different cryptocurrency, they can easily convert it to their preferred one at the casino. Through this step, CryptoGames has opened the system to global users and made itself more accessible to a larger number of crypto gamblers.

Only at CryptoGames You CanFind Excellent Gambling Experience:

Gamblers from all over the world can enjoy unbiased entertainment in its purest form within a responsible gambling community. Along with high-quality entertainment, CryptoGames provides exceptional gaming policies such as the Time Out Policy and Self Exclusion Policies. These gaming policies ensure that players do not become addicted to entertainment. Every player is directed to the necessary and always available helplines by the casino. All of these precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of the players while also promoting the enjoyment of crypto gambling to all. This distinguishes the ambiance of CryptoGames’ casino from other online casinos. When examined in depth, the casino is favourable for everything it has to offer. The casino is well-equipped with popular Cryptocurrencies, cutting-edge security measures, and exciting games that are suitable for players of all ages. Players can enjoy incredible chances of winning more rewards across all features. Furthermore, every action taken for the games is always protected by provably fair policies. As a result, it is safe to say that CryptoGames is an extremely dependable source of crypto entertainment that is well worth every penny spent.

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