TON Foundation and Chainalysis Join Forces to Enhance Blockchain Security

The TON Foundation has established a strategic collaboration with Chainalysis to enhance the security of its blockchain. Chainalysis, a blockchain data platform, has recently launched a new service called “Chainalysis Crypto Incident Response Service” that facilitates quick response to security incidents. The purpose of this partnership is to reinforce the security of the TON blockchain by leveraging Chainalysis’s expertise in blockchain security. 

Reason for this Collaboration 

The TON Foundation, a non-profit organization consisting of developers and enthusiasts, is committed to advancing TON, a groundbreaking technology that aims to unify all blockchains and Web2 internet into a single, open network. 

To ensure the security of this innovative system, TON has formed a partnership with Chainalysis, a prominent blockchain data platform that provides investigative services and support to both public and private sector organizations. Through the utilization of Chainalysis’s swift response retainer service, TON gains a potent resource for countering cyber-attacks and unauthorized network breaches.

As the Head of Incubation at TON Foundation, Justin Hyun has recently expressed the organization’s perspective on the usage of Chainalysis’s Crypto Incident Response Service. Hyun lauded the service as the “industry gold standard” for its prompt response to hacks or exploits. Hyun stressed the significance of eliminating malicious actors to guarantee an optimal experience for TON’s growing user base. 

About Chainalysis

Chainalysis offers a hotline exclusively for its customers in its “Crypto Incident Response” service. Our hotline boasts a specialized team that is solely dedicated to providing swift responses to various incidents, such as cyber attacks, ransomware hacks, etc.

Chainalysis investigators have effectively resolved several high-profile cyber-criminal cases. With their “Crypto Incident Response” program, the engagement process is streamlined to ensure that no time is wasted, regardless of the victim’s location. The rapid tracing and labeling of funds in the Chainalysis platform can be an invaluable tool in preventing malicious actors from profiting from their illicit activities.