CryptoGames: A Modern CryptoGames Casino

Gambling has always been one of the most highlighted mediums that offer high-value entertainment for risk-takers. Modern gambling has been evolving since the internet has decided to merge the entertainment system with many more digital advancements. With the easy access to different crypto finance systems, modern crypto-based casinos are now highlighted as some of the coolest digital evolution and fervent players around the world can’t agree more. Today, the use of Cryptocurrencies in gambling has set futuristic standards for the old school medium of entertainment. As a result, the number of crypto casinos on the internet is increasing and gamblers are getting the chance to explore many new digital transaction systems for playing at online casinos. Undoubtedly, hundreds of online casinos offer gamblers something new to explore every other day, but the question always remains if they are trustworthy enough to splurge hundreds of money on? While it is true that the entertainment found here is unending at times, but it is also true that the crypto casinos need to impress their players with unbreakable security and fairness on top of all things. To consider an example of such an online crypto-based casino that offers both, this review will be about CryptoGames, a crypto casino from Curacao. Through the review, any new players will be able to get an overall understanding of CryptoGames and the regular gamblers will be able to know about more advanced features.

CryptoGames Offers

From the city of Curacao, the casino aims to offer a top-class wagering experience to all users. CryptoGames fulfills the many new standards that players seek in online gambling. Their use of the latest systems, latest cryptocurrencies, offering of excellent games, amazing reward features, and unmatched wagering policies bring out the best from any potential gambler. Their website has become a top choice for both beginner and advanced-level crypto gamblers. Behind the website of CryptoGames, is its owner company MuchGaming B.V. At the casino, there are ten different cryptocurrencies for deposits, withdrawals, and exchanges. For the transactions, there are fast and reliable systems. Before anything else, here are the games CryptoGames offers and their descriptions.


Completely modern and well designed, Dice is the first game on their list. Dice is one of the easiest games to explore for beginners. It has a great winning range (0.000 to 99.999). In Dice, the outcome of the game has to be predicted. To predict the outcome, there will be two numbers to choose from. If a player can guess whether the result will be lower or higher than the given numbers, then they will win. If they think it will be higher then they will “roll above” the given number and if not, then “roll lower” than the given number. Before the roll, a suitable bet size and amount have to be set.


At CryptoGames, the European Roulette wheel seems thrilling to every gambler on the website. It has a very lucrative design, a great payout table matching the American Roulette version. The game also brings a reasonable house edge for all. This means every win comes with a great payout. Players of Roulette throw a ball on a spinning wheel of 37 numbers and a 0. They place the betting chips on the betting mat. Beginners can also choose to use the guiding presets available on the game’s page. 4 predetermined settings automatically place betting chips on the mat. If the ball lands on any of the placements, then it is a winning bet.


The simple game is more than enough to create the vibe of an actual casino on your screen. Its smooth design makes sure there are no complicated steps to follow for the game. The objective is pretty easy for beginners. The bet’s size or the amount has to be set before the player hits spin. Once the Slot machine spins for a certain amount of time, it will display a line of symbols. There are 5 different symbols for 5 reels. The 5 reels may create 7 different winning combinations. If the result matches any of the winning combinations, then the bet is a winning bet.

Keno (1.0 %)

Keno is the tenth and the latest game added at CryptoGames. For many, the game is said to have a simple goal like the one of the Lottery. Players play the game on a field of numbers (1 to 40). Out of these 40 numbers, 1 to 10 can be picked by the player to predict the outcome. Players can select the numbers independently or through the Random Pick feature. In the end, if the players pick numbers that match the result, they will win and get compensated according to the payout multiplier. There are Auto Bet and Random Pick features for the game.


Blackjack is also recognized as 21. It is a true classic when it comes to casino games. It was clear simple rules. In this game, a beginner can follow the guidelines they can find on the website. Blackjack’s tricky objective requires the player to beat the dealer they are playing against without crossing 21 points. This also means, as soon as someone crosses 21, the game ends and the player crossing the total will lose. This helps the players to use different strategies to deal or double down. To make sure a hand doesn’t cross the limit, there are options like split or surrender.


This famous game of luck was televised in the 1980s. Plinko is a classic game that has entertained many gamblers since it was first televised in the show, The Price is Right. At CryptoGames, Plinko has to be played on a pegged pyramid. The crypto version can be won if the ball thrown down the pyramid reaches the bottom slots rewarding cryptocurrencies. The reward after each win depends entirely on the reached slot, the color of the ball picked by the player, and the payout table. This means for each colored ball (red, blue, green, yellow) there will be individual house edge and payout multipliers. On the pegged pyramid, there are four different colored rows of slots and multiplier.

Video Poker

To bring more fun through crypto-based Poker games, CryptoGames has added Video Poker to its system. The game brings three other variants for everyone which are called Bonus Poker, Tens or Better, and Jacks or Better. Video Poker also offers 3 individual house edges for each variant. Like Blackjack, Video poker also challenges the players to form different strategies. This allows all players to enjoy a flexible, version of the game. There is a special feature called “Smart Hold” for video poker players. With this feature, new players can build a supposedly winning hand.  If a player can form a winning hand with the 5 cards then the bet returns a payout according to the payout table and the house edge.


A new version of Dice comes as DiceV2. It has been designed to be similar to the original version. The new version of the game is won by correctly predicting the outcome. If the prediction has been made accurately then the dice will land inside a green zone. If it lands outside the green zone, the entire bet amount is lost. Here as well, the dice must be rolled for either one of two options. Depending on the guess, the dice will be rolled over or under a certain amount. The slider bar can be moved left and right to adjust the winning possibility or payout multiplier. For higher winning chances, players will find a lower payout multiplier and lower winning chances for high payouts.


This puzzle game has been presented at CryptoGames in a perfectly modern layout. The game shows a 5/5 minefield where players turn the tiles or “click on the boxes” to clear a mine. There are no flags or hints to indicate the hidden mines. The difficulty level for the minefield can be set by the players. Minesweeper, allows the players to withdraw their earnings from the game at any time. However, players can only do so if they haven’t hit on any mine before the withdrawal. The hardest level is played with only one mine.


The classic game turned modern creates great anticipation from time to time. There is no rule for Lottery. CryptoGames added this easy game to its platform to be played with 4 different cryptocurrencies. Winners are announced in the weekly draws. Players can buy as many tickets as they want. For every round, there are a limited number of tickets offered. The results are processed and tickets are drawn without any biased tricks. Results can be verified from the betting results displayed on the game’s page. In every round, the number of available tickets and the countdown timer for the draws is updated according to the cryptocurrencies.

Lowest House Edge

To give out more rewards CryptoGames keeps the lowest house edges for its players. The final payout comes in profitable amounts because of the lowest house edges. Any game can be chosen to begin gambling with once the players see their preferred house edges. The following list contains all the games’ house edges offered at CryptoGames:

Dice- 1.0 %

DiceV2- 1.0%

Roulette- 2.7%

Blackjack- 1.25%

Minesweeper- 1.0%

Video Poker- 2.09%

Plinko- 1.72%

Slot- 1.97%

Lottery- 0.0%

Keno- 1.0%

For the games of Plinko and Video Poker, there are different house edges.

Exclusive Jackpots

In CryptoGames, there are a total of 3 games that host progressive jackpots for the players. The jackpots are designed to build up more anticipation for each game time. The jackpots can be won if a player’s bet meets all the conditions. Currently, Roulette, Dice, and Dicev2 are the games that host progressive jackpots. The jackpots offer a range of 1% to 100% wins for the players. This means partial wins guarantee a minimum of 1% reward and full wins guarantee maximum rewards that are 100%.

Unbiased Processing

Since fairness at casinos is always a matter of concern for many gamblers, a lot of them are backing out from enjoying the modern gambling experience. This is why transparency is one of the most important details for crypto casinos to maintain. For this reason, CryptoGames is a highly reliable platform with 100 percent transparency for the players. Several honest measures process all the bets placed at the casino. In the game of Lottery, each ticket gets drawn every week through a third-party application named RandomPicker. The application ensures that all the results are fair and unbiased. Along with that, the provably fair policies in CryptoGames allow each user to check their previous betting history, results with hashes.

More Rewards

Faucet and Referral Programs

More rewards can be added to the users’ funds through multiple rewarding features, events. The casino offers monthly events to keep the players’ engagement the highest. CryptoGames’ modernized rewarding systems like the faucet, rainbot, promotional events give out more rewards in creative ways. This rewarding system has set up the standard for many other online casinos. The casino’s play currency can be earned through the Faucet feature. Every day faucet requests can be made multiple times. Upon a request, it will then hand out PlayMoney to the players. The total number of requests for the Play Currency will depend on the player levels. Player levels are increased by chatting with others in the chatbox, and through a generous contribution to the community. Another way to earn more rewards is through referral programs. Through every referral or share, players earn guaranteed rewards for their accounts. Every time a player shares referral links of CryptoGames to a new potential player, they earn 15% of the house edge from every bet placed by their referred players.

Rainbot and VIP membership

Apart from the Referral links and the Faucet, there are Rainbot and VIP membership to earn more rewards to your account. As the player level increases, your chances to win rewards from the Rainbot increases simultaneously. The Rainbot encourages all the players to be active in the casino by rewarding them with cryptocurrencies in small amounts. Along with that, CryptoGames’ highly competitive monthly events reward the players with VIP memberships. The betting events help the players to communicate and engage with others in healthy competitions all year long. VIP memberships need careful strategic skills to be earned. In the neck to neck competitions, winners get to relish many advantages on their bets and earn higher rewards for an entire month.

VIP membership holders get:

  • Lower house edges for Dice. Compared to the regular one, the amount of house edge drops down to 0.8% for an entire month.
  • Highest priority for all bets. Even if the bet size is small, they can enjoy 0 server-side delays.
  • Better and higher exchange limits.
  • Exclusive access to VIP chatrooms where managers and VIP players come together to communicate with each other.
  • Exclusive VIP tags on Chatbox
  • $100 worth of Bitcoins as their birthday gifts! If the VIP players have completed tier 3 verification (KYC) or higher then they get this exclusive gift from the casino.
  • Higher faucet levels and more Play Money rewards!
  • Monthly voucher drops in their email. The number of vouchers and the currency, however, depends on their position on the leader board.

Quick Sign-Up

If lengthy processes of registration scares you off from playing at a new gaming website then rest assured that CryptoGames will not be anything like that. Signing up here does not require any personal or financial information at the beginning. At CryptoGames, the system does not require you to pay first to enter the website. Instead, it lets you only deposit your funds when you have confidently explored the casino well enough. This thoughtful architecture works when players complete the base sign-up by creating a username. When a player creates an account, they have to agree to all the terms and rules provided by the casino. Once they sign up to the website, they immediately get access to the exclusive play currency, which is known as PlayMoney. Using Play Money, they will be able to play 8 games (excluding lottery). This helps the players to know the architecture of the casino, and learn how crypto or modern gambling is presented through the games. If a player feels confident enough in spending their funds from the beginning then they can surely do so by completing the full registration.

Crypto Currencies for Transactions

On the website, players will find 10 different types of cryptocurrencies for playing the games. Since the list is highly flexible, the casino becomes accessible for players from all places. The list of cryptocurrencies available for transactions include:

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Monero, GAS, Solana, and Dash.

To deposit, withdraw or exchange any one of these cryptocurrencies, are always available for the users. There are traditional and new systems for deposits and exchange systems. And for withdrawals, the regular method is always available. Deposit or withdrawal of funds in a regular way has to be done by creating a deposit or withdrawal address at the Deposit Tab, Withdrawal Tab respectively. This is also applicable for the exchanges. Players can exchange from the 10 cryptocurrencies to any one of the 10 by simply clicking on the Exchange Tab at Your Account. Additionally, the modern system allows credit card (fiat) deposit options via Onramper and crypto exchanges through ChangeNow can be found at the game’s website. If players want to deposit their funds in fiat currencies and later on exchange them into credits then they are always free to use Onramper. Using their credit cards they can deposit any amount of funds as they wish. On the other hand, if anyone is using other cryptocurrencies outside the listed ones, then ChangeNow is always available there. However, CryptoGames is not directly responsible for credit card deposits in any way. Hence, verifying their accounts beforehand following the guidelines provided on the website of Onramper is preferred.

 Secure Gambling

CryptoGames offers high security for all financial transactions. It looks out for its players through the Google 2FA applications and SSL encryption architecture. These two systems are always present to protect every users’ data and funds. The multiple security measures provide complete safety for the account holder. Furthermore, the casino builds a respectful environment inside the casino for the players to be at ease whenever they visit the website. On top of that, great gambling policies work on to make the gaming experiences safe for any curious players from any corner of the world.

Exquisite Crypto Gambling Experience

Online casinos like CryptoGames are proof of how cryptocurrencies have undeniably changed the Casino industry for the future. Their refined systems add more elements to the growing changes in the gambling industry. With the rise of new crypto casinos, players are more into seeking authentic providers who do not rely on flashy games and ads to attract potential players. Instead, they look for sophisticated crypto casinos that rely more on the entertainment and safety of their players. CryptoGames has added itself to the list by offering exquisite service to all its players equally. Here, the system is open for all in a true sense. The smooth and unique user interface doesn’t stop players using any smart devices from enjoying the thrill of modern gambling. Instead, it attracted many fervent gamblers into the casino where they can see the beauty of classic gambling through modern architecture. With all that has been said above, CryptoGames is one of the most reliable hot spots for crypto gambling for both beginners and veterans.

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