How Crypto Ads policies affect your marketing

How Crypto Ads policies affect your marketing

Blockchain technology and digital marketing are popular topics in their respective fields. While online marketing has become an integral marketing strategy for any firm, crypto has gained popularity as a unique investment class. Because blockchain projects reside online, it’s only natural to market them through digital channels. However, the marketing of blockchain projects is tricky because each online platform has its policies that guide crypto ads.

TokenMinds, an experienced marketing agency who understands the Crypto Ads policies well, can assist you in marketing your crypto project. Keep reading to discover the latest policy on google, Twitter, RedditReddit, and Facebook crypto ads. 

Google Crypto Ads Policy

Google has a stringent crypto ad policy. If you’re planning to run a crypto ad promotion on Google, it’s critical to understand that they only permit such ads in particular circumstances. Here is what Google allows;

  1.     Products and services related to crypto mining in the US and Japan: The platform requires that explicit user agreement is sought before allowing or facilitating any application of computing resources. Furthermore, Google only allows approved providers with products that comply with local regulations and industry standards. You must also possess a Google-approved account.
  2.     Crypto exchanges: Google permits crypto exchanges to run ad campaigns once they fulfill specific conditions. If you meet these conditions, you can apply for certification. At the moment, crypto exchange ads are only allowed in Japan and the US.

Facebook Crypto Ads Policy

In early 2018, Facebook banned crypto ads because of scamming and safety concerns. However, at the moment, the social networking site is allowing crypto marketers to run their campaigns. Crypto marketers who want to run their campaigns on Facebook must observe its policy to avoid suspending their accounts. The procedure requires that all advertisers intending to promote cryptos, virtual currency exchanges, mining apps, and others receive confirmation for eligibility. Advertisers must also be certified to avoid misleading advertisements. Here is what Facebook allows:

  •         Tax services for blockchain firms
  •         Events, education, and crypto news
  •         Blockchain technology info

Allowed with permission

  •         Crypto mining trading platform
  •         Hardware/software for crypto mining
  •         Virtual currencies

Not Permitted

  •         Crypto Token Sales

Reddit crypto Ads Policy

Reddit is committed to running campaign ads for crypto products and services. However, these ads must be legit, transparent, and compliant with the existing legal frameworks. Reddit demands that all ads of each crypto product running on the platform be verified and approved by the appropriate authorities.

Reddit controls ads related to financial services and blockchain technology. Furthermore, advertisers of these products must observe the relevant local regulations and comply with industry standards. Also, ads may require pre-approval as the platform requests advertisers to offer extra information and documentation to verify the legality of the advertised products. Reddit prohibits ads on crypto loans, software crypto mining products, trading bots, and token sales.

Twitter crypto Ads Policy

Twitter restricts ads on financial products and services. Such ads must comply with specific global regulations. Here are some ads that Twitter prohibits on its platform:

  •         Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)
  •         Crypto token sales
  •         Except for Indonesia, Twitter restricts P2P lending.

Restricted Globally

  •         Crypto exchanges
  •         Crypto ‘hot’ wallets

What TokenMinds offers

With the above restrictions, you may be at a loss to figure out how to advertise your crypto project. If you’re in a dilemma, please get in touch with TokenMinds immediately. With a clear understanding of each platform’s regulations, the marketer can assist you in creating and placing campaign ads on various platforms. TokenMinds offers the following crypto ad management services:

  •       Ad Networks*: Setting up and managing campaigns for one landing page on up to three different ad networks of your choice, including Facebook ads, Reddit ads, CoinZilla, Google ads, and Twitter ads.
  •         Targeting: optimizing and monitoring the targeting to the crypto investor audience of your ads daily.
  •         Ad design: creating the ad copies for your campaign, including creating different formats needed for the involved ads networks.
  •       Optimization: Daily optimizing and weekly reporting on the budget, click-through rates, conversion rates, and ROIs.

*Ad network fees excluded.