Influencer Layah Heilpern's Scripted Conversation on Damex

Influencer Layah Heilpern’s Scripted Conversation on Damex

Crypto influencer Layah Heilpern faces backlash as an on-chain sleuth exposes her scripted promotion of Damex, raising concerns about her credibility and undisclosed partnerships.

Key Points

  • ZachXBT exposes Layah Heilpern’s scripted conversation promoting Damex on Twitter, sparking outrage in the crypto community.
  • Damex responds positively to Layah’s promotion, raising further suspicions about undisclosed partnerships.
  • Layah Heilpern has faced previous controversies for promoting Dexalot without disclosure, raising questions about her credibility.
  • Layah’s reputation in the community for controversial takes and potential paid promotions adds to concerns about misleading marketing tactics.

The crypto community was left stunned when renowned on-chain sleuth ZachXBT exposed popular influencer Layah Heilpern in a recent Twitter post. The post shared a conversation between Layah and her manager Gideon Heilpern, where they appeared to be promoting Damex, a digital asset finance application, in what seemed to be a scripted conversation. This revelation has sparked outrage among community members, who suspect that this is not Layah’s first attempt at shilling projects without proper disclosure.

A Scripted Conversation

ZachXBT’s Twitter post featured a conversation between Layah Heilpern and Gideon Heilpern. Layah expressed her enthusiasm for a new crypto visa card and mentioned ordering Damex, praising its combination of Coinbase and Revolut features. Gideon inquired about Damex’s listing, to which Layah replied that it would be listed on the Tidex exchange the next day. Interestingly, Gideon, who claims to be Layah’s manager and shares the same last name, also expressed his preference for decentralized exchanges and mentioned Layah’s love for Uniswap.

ZachXBT drew attention to Damex’s response to Layah’s initial post, where they expressed delight in being discovered by the influencer. The Damex team assured Layah that the experience of using their platform would not disappoint.

Previous Controversies

This is not the first time Layah Heilpern has come under scrutiny for her promotional tactics. Crypto trader CryptoFinally revealed that Layah had blocked them after calling her out for promoting Dexalot without revealing their paid partnership. Other traders have also raised concerns about Layah potentially being paid to promote undisclosed advertisements, raising further questions about her credibility.

Layah Heilpern has gained attention in the crypto community for her pro-Bitcoin advocacy, anti-vaccine stance, and controversial posts. Earlier this year, she faced significant backlash for fat-shaming Grammy-award-winning musician Lizzo. These incidents have led many community members to believe that Layah seeks attention through controversial takes and then promotes projects that pay her.

The recent revelation of Layah Heilpern’s scripted conversation with her manager Gideon Heilpern about Damex has sparked widespread condemnation from the crypto community. Community members argue that Layah’s history of promoting projects without proper disclosure raises concerns about her credibility and intentions. As the controversy unfolds, it remains to be seen how Layah and the projects she promotes will address these allegations of misleading marketing tactics.