Louis Vuitton Offers Exclusive $41,000 Digital Art to Elite Customers

Louis Vuitton Offers Exclusive $41,000 Digital Art to Elite Customers

  • Louis Vuitton is selling NFTs to its top customers for $41,000 featuring unique artworks and digital collectibles.
  • These $41,000 Treasure Trunks NFTs will consist of only a few hundred and are part of the brand’s wider strategy to embrace the digital world.
  • Louis Vuitton has previously experimented with NFTs by releasing PFP-inspired NFT rewards in its stand-alone mobile app game, Louis: The Game.

Louis Vuitton, the highly esteemed luxury brand with an estimated value of over $47 billion, has decided to offer its most elite clients a rare opportunity to own a piece of its brand history. Set to go on sale for a staggering $41,000, Louis Vuitton’s Treasure Trunks NFTs will be made available via Dapper Labs, a trusted blockchain platform. These unique NFTs will showcase digital artwork that pays homage to Louis Vuitton’s iconic designs, crafted by their exceptional team of talented artists. 

Louis Vuitton into NFTs

The world-renowned fashion brand, Louis Vuitton, has just announced its plans to delve into the world of NFTs. These digital collectibles will be sold through a private sale, available only to the brand’s most elite customers. 

Starting June 8th, interested buyers who are residents of the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Germany, Japan, and Australia will be able to register on a waitlist. However, only a select few will be chosen by Louis Vuitton to purchase a coveted Treasure Trunk using either cryptocurrency or fiat on a dedicated site.

The Treasure Trunk collection will only be the beginning of “Via” – an ongoing series initiated by Louis Vuitton that focuses on providing high-paying, select clients with rare and elevated access to the brand. The possibilities are endless with this exciting new venture. 

Louis Vuitton NFT Games 

Louis Vuitton has been embracing the digital world long before the recent frenzy surrounding NFTs. In fact, back in 2022, the brand launched an educational video game that immersed players in the company’s 200-year history. As gamers explored the game, they had the opportunity to earn randomly awarded NFTs, creating much excitement and buzz among luxury consumers.

The experiential journey of the digital game saw players starting from Asnières, the home of Louis Vuitton’s family, before embarking on a journey to other global locations such as Los Angeles and Tokyo. It was an immersive and interactive experience that catered to the changing demands of luxury consumers.

Now, Louis Vuitton has taken a step further into the world of NFTs by introducing 10 new tokens within their renowned game, Louis: The Game. Players can earn these NFTs by successfully completing two new levels, Radiant City and High in the Sky. This move is part of the brand’s wider strategy to embrace the digital realm and meet the evolving needs of modern luxury consumers. With each new innovation, Louis Vuitton reinforces its commitment to blend the world of luxury with the digital age.

Louis Vuitton Getting Mixed Reactions  

Louis Vuitton’s decision to dip its toes into the NFT market has created a stir among consumers and critics alike. The reaction has been mixed- some applaud the luxury brand’s move into the digital world, while others remain skeptical about the value and appeal of digital assets.

Regardless of the divided opinion, it’s hard to deny the growing popularity of NFTs and the surging demand for digital assets in the luxury market. With its glimmering reputation and worldwide recognition, Louis Vuitton’s NFTs are expected to be a huge hit among its top customers, who are always on the lookout for exclusive, one-of-a-kind experiences that showcase their status and wealth.


Louis Vuitton has taken a bold step by going for NFTs, as it shows its commitment towards embracing the digital world and catering to the ever-changing needs of luxury consumers.  This move allows customers to showcase their wealth and status in a new and innovative way. While it may not be everybody’s cup of tea, it is evident that Louis Vuitton is determined to provide exclusive and personalized experiences for its clientele.