Meta Universe $Muni The First Humanitarian Aid Token On BSC

The team at Metauniverse is pleased to announce that its token “$MUNI” will give most reward to diamond hand holders. Metauniverse is one of the first humanitarian coins built on top of the Binance Smart Chain.

Metauniverse Features


Security-wise, the team observed several loopholes on other tokens; and as such, they have put in place robust mechanisms to check scams, frauds, and other phoney deals. As you interact with the Metauniverse ecosystem, the safety of your funds is guaranteed.

Liquidity Burned

The project’s liquidity is burnt to give confidence to Investors, so that they can enjoy $MUNI price appreciation. If you invest in $MUNI now that the price is $0.00305755 with a market cap of $19,874, you will benefit from the price appreciation as the project gains more awareness.


Metauniverse will be fully audited with certificate of compliance. For investors, this means you are in the right place. Your funds are safe with the development team.

How To Buy $MUNI

$MUNI is a utility token that powers the Metauniverse ecosystem. Here is how to add this to your portfolio:

Visit the official PancakeSwap website below.

Agree to the terms and conditions of service.

Buy BNB from any centralized exchange like Binance or Coinbase.

Connect your wallet (for example, MetaMask) to PancakeSwap.

Set your slippage,
Buy 2-3%
Sell 8-10%

Enter the amount of $MUNI you wish to purchase in exchange with your BNB

Click the swap button.

You now have $MUNI in your wallet.

Weeks Ahead

The team behind Metauniverse is working round the clock to bring more value to the token. The team has several plans put in place, which if they see the light of the day, there would be massive adoption of the token.

In the coming weeks, the team plans to launch a big marketing campaign on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram. And work with reputable influencers in the industry. The target is to increase the number of token holders to at least 1,000 people. There are also plans to list $MUNI on CMC and CoinGecko, two of the most popular platforms as far as the crypto space is concerned.

As the project builds momentum, the team will be launching its NFT collections for lovers of NFTs to interact, socialize, trade, and generate revenue.

About Metauniverse

Metauniverse as the name suggests is the ‘king of the humanitarian aid tokens’ built on Binance Smart Chain. Metauniverse will dominate and set the pace for all the humanitarian tokens on the crypto market. The positive effects of Metauniverse will cut across the BSC network.

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