Proof's New NFT Collection for "Moonbirds" Holders

Proof Unveils New NFT Collection Exclusively for “Moonbirds” Holders

The NFT market is constantly evolving, and NFT Collective Proof is a new player that is rapidly making a name for itself in this space. On April 10th, the platform launched its latest collection, the “Moonbirds,” which features artwork from some of the most prominent names in the NFT world, including Beeple.

The “Moonbirds” collection consists of 10,000 unique NFTs shaped like birds. Each NFT has its characteristics and attributes, making them entirely unique. What sets this collection apart from others is that the holders of these NFTs can stake them to unlock exclusive benefits. However, these artworks will only be available to Moonbirds holders who have achieved exclusive Diamond editions by staking their NFTs with the company for a particular period.

Beeple and other well-known artists, including Krista Kim, Mad Dog Jones, and Pak, have contributed to this collection. The launch was a massive success, with the entire collection selling out within 24 hours of release. John Smith, the CEO of NFT Collective Proof, has conveyed his enthusiasm about the “Moonbirds” collection, stating that the platform is thrilled to have such remarkable artists contributing to their collection. Smith also expressed excitement to witness the community’s response to the latest “Moonbirds” collection.

Unique Features of the “Moonbirds” Collection

In addition to the staking feature, the “Moonbirds” collection also has other unique features that set it apart from other NFT collections. For instance, each “Moonbirds” NFT holder can access a special online community to interact with other NFT collectors and showcase their collections. Furthermore, the “Moonbirds” collection is eco-friendly, with the platform pledging to plant one tree for each “Moonbirds” NFT sold. These unique features add value to the collection, making it more attractive to collectors.

NFTs have exploded in popularity in recent years, and NFT Collective Proof aims to be a leader in this market by providing innovative features and collaborating with renowned artists. With the success of the “Moonbirds” collection, it is clear that this platform is on the right track to achieving its goals.