Russian Officer Jailed for Accepting Crypto Bribe

Russian Officer Jailed for Accepting Crypto Bribe

A Russian officer named Marat Tambiev has been detained after he was found accepting bribe worth $24 million in Bitcoin from the hacker group he was investigating. The interesting fact is this is the largest amount received in a single case related to bribery in Russia till date.

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Bitcoin Worth $24 Million Found

Tambiev was the head of the investigating team in Russia’s Tverskoy district until he was found to be engaged in corrupted practices. The authorities discovered 1032 Bitcoins from his laptop that he had hidden in an apartment in Moscow. The total value of these Bitcoins was roughly around $24 million. According to the authorities, Tambiev earned approximately $150,000 in total during his service with the department and Bitcoin worth millions clearly indicate that they have been received from unfair means.

Tambeiv received the bribe in 2022 and it is found out that he accepted the bribe for not seizing the assets that belonged to the hackers in his custody. These hackers belonged to the hacking groups Konstantin Bergmanov, Kirill Samokutyaevsky and Infraud Organization Mark. 

According to the report, the hackers have been given suspended sentences ranging from 2.5 to 3.5 years. The authorities managed to recover approximately $8.6 million worth of Bitcoin from them.

As stated in the report, Tambiev will appear in the court  on June 5th, during which the prosecutor will aim to confiscate all of his unlawfully obtained funds. Despite denying the corruption charges and challenging the allegations, Tambiev recently filed a lawsuit against the Investigative Committee, for a restatement  due to the ongoing investigation and unproven charges. However, the lawsuit was dismissed after it was proved as corruption, as mentioned in the report.