The Mutant Parrot Society Plans to Launch 10,000 Unique NFTs

London, UK, April 08, 2022 – The Mutant Parrot Society is set to launch its 10,000 unique NFTs, which will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain. These NFTs will be made with the combination of over 350 unique traits which can be categorized into ten attributes. 


While listing their mission and goals The Mutant Parrot Society has said that they want to be more than an NFT collection but into a profit-making business. In addition, while creating this profit for the company they are hoping to use this opportunity into a full-fledged platform for change. Acknowledging that the people have been fighting for a better society, quality, human rights, animal cruelty, and many other things, the company hopes to work towards people to create a better and brighter future with The Mutant Parrot Society. 


When asked her the vision of The Mutant Parrot Society, Serife Eskisan, the co-founder of MPS said, “MPS is not just about creating yet another NFT collection, every month; we will be donating 3% of the royalty fees to community selected charities so that we can begin the change. Our goal and vision is to create a much healthier and more accepting society so that we can all live in cohesion and harmony. We want to give everyone in MPS a voice to be heard and to be able to connect with one another. We treat everyone in MPS equally and have a zero-tolerance approach to any kind of discrimination or assault”


The Mutant Parrot Society will offer these NFTs which, according to them, embody all the wonderful and weird attributes of the jungle (Earth) that we live in. By giving a message of unity in diversity the company hopes that these NFTs will represent freedom, due to their wild, colorful, and revealing individuality.  


Using these NFTs the company hopes to raise awareness about animal exploitation like that of wild-caught parrots in America and in Latin America. 


When asked about the vision and mission, the company said that they hope to plant 10,000 trees, one for each MPS NFT sold, these trees will be planted to provide a habitat for the rescued and wild parrots. In addition to this, they also plan to buy carbon credits to offset their carbon output.  


The team

Founders Troy Quraishi and Sully Waheed came up with the idea for the Mutant Parrot Society. While Essa Cole and Sarife Eskisan joined the venture as co-founders. In order to combat the global banking system’s corporate corruption that has dominated human lives for so long, the Mutant Parrot Society began with the goal of combat corporate corruption.



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