Understanding Bitboy’s Recent Crypto Scandals

Understanding Bitboy’s Recent Crypto Scandals

Ben Armstrong a.k.a Bitboy is a prominent figure when it comes to cryptocurrency. However, something happened on June 11th that sparks a lot of questions on this crypto legend. During the early hours of June 11, an unauthorized individual managed to breach BitBoy’s secure Twitter account which created a lot of controversy.

 Having a following of more than 1 million, his tweets or opinions carry a significant weight on the crypto community. According to a latest tweet, Bitboy says he is back and it was the work of insiders at Verizon.

Hacker Issuing Fake Token

The hacker was no ordinary person as he also had his own plans. The tweet he posted consisted of Gary Gensler, SEC Chairman in an appropriate image which was quite explicit. Due to the ongoing battle of the SEC among various crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, the hacker urged people to fight SEC’s influence on crypto by obtaining anti SEC tokens. 

Bitboy did not remain silent as he told people that his Twitter account was hacked and alerted the followers to stay away from a fake token that was being popularised through his hacked Twitter account. Armstrong made these claims through a YouTube video.  He urged people not to open any links  and send money as they may be duped.  

Bitboy Worried About his Followers

Bitboy seemed more worried about his followers losing money rather than him claiming back his hacked Twitter account. Following this incident, there was a mixture of hatred, suspence and concern among the Twitter community for Bitboy. Due to Bitboy’s controversial nature, many people on Twitter said that it is Bitboy’s plan to scam people. There were comments “like he hacked his own Twitter account to lure people.”

This is not the only controversy surrounding Bitboy as the crypto community has witnessed his roller coaster life consisting of scams, allegations, questions on ethics and much more. As some more light gets into this matter, it is the responsibility of investors and crypto community to learn some lesson.