Adidas ALTS Dynamic NFT Collection

Adidas Dominates Web3 with Launch of Innovative ALTS Dynamic NFT Collection

Adidas has taken the Web3 world by storm with the introduction of its groundbreaking Chapter 1 ALTS Dynamic NFT collection, propelling the brand to new heights in the rapidly expanding Web3 arena. The German MNC for sports shoes and apparel has broadened its Into The Metaverse NFT world by unveiling the innovative Adidas collection, ALTS.

The ALTS initiative by Adidas is the brand’s third step in its Web3 roadmap, operating on the newly rebranded web platform. This cutting-edge Web3 program utilizes token-gated, hyper-personalized avatars known as ALTer personalities, transforming traditional membership cards into a digital experience.

These NFTs focus on utility, community involvement, identity, and products. Soon, these ALTS or avatars will possess one among the eight traits with differing rarity levels, such as Hoops, Amps, Thrills, Drips, Soles, Decos, Sprints, and Strikes.

Reasons for ALTS Expansion to the Web3 Ecosystem

Each characteristic offers unique benefits, providing early or exclusive access to virtual and physical products and event pass tickets. These advantages are expected to cater to the holder’s specific interests. Additional features include private use, commercial IP rights, options to personalize, access to exclusive gatherings, co-creation opportunities and rewards. Holders can also use their avatar or ALT as their Discord and Twitter profile pictures.

Random traits for ALTS will be generated on May 1st, 2023. Consumers can purchase a key and select their preferred room, but they must act fast, as only 3,500 keys are available. A generous 30% of each ALTER Ego’s supply is reserved for random allocation, ensuring equal access to all.

Adidas has been actively investing in Web3 and the Metaverse, launching its Into The Metaverse collection in December 2021 and offering exclusive access to collaborative merchandise and virtual experiences throughout 2022. The brand has also released various NFT collections and forged partnerships with prominent players in the NFT space, solidifying its position as a leader in the market.