AUTOS, AZBIT follow Dex-trade in listing… More listings on the horizon

AUTOS, a global freelance brokerage platform, announced today that it will be listed as a new cryptocurrency on DEXTRADE, a global digital asset exchange.

After being listed on the AZBIT exchange, AUTOS has been showing rapid growth and progress by listing on DEXTRADE in a short period of time.

AUTOS is a blockchain-based platform that facilitates matching between freelancers and employers, providing an efficient and stable trading environment. The AUTOS platform brings fairness to the labor market by introducing a system that accurately evaluates and appropriately rewards freelancers and their skills and efforts.

 “With this listing, we are looking forward to growing the AUTOS project and expanding our services globally, and we will collaborate with various exchanges and companies to promote the AUTOS service,” said a member of the AUTOS team.