Bitcoin Soars as the Second-Largest NFT Chain

Bitcoin Soars as the Second-Largest NFT Chain

Bitcoin’s presence in the non-fungible token (NFT) space has skyrocketed. Based on data from CryptoSlam, Bitcoin now proudly sits as the second-largest NFT chain. In the span of the past 30 days, the digital currency has seen a surge, raking in approximately $168.25 million from NFT sales alone.

Bitcoin Climbs, Yet Trails Behind Ethereum

However, despite its impressive leap, Bitcoin has not yet managed to overtake Ethereum. In the same 30-day period, Ethereum tallied up an impressive $394.97 million in NFT sales. This significant gap showcases Ethereum’s dominant position in the NFT marketplace.

30-day Blockchains by NFT Sales Volume
30-day NFT Sales Volume Source: CryptoSlam

Bitcoin Outperforms Rivals Solana and Mythos Chain

Bitcoin’s surge has eclipsed other competitors in the NFT market. It has surpassed chains such as Solana and Mythos Chain, which clocked in sales volumes of $55.69 million and $35.49 million respectively, over the past month.

Bitcoin NFT Collections in the Limelight

The Bitcoin NFT market boasts a few standout collections. Notable among these are Bitcoin Ordinals, Space Pepes, and Bitcoin Frogs. Bitcoin Ordinals holds the record for the fifth-highest-selling project across all blockchains. Over the past month, this collection generated an impressive $23.04 million in sales.

Space Pepes and Bitcoin Frogs follow closely behind, garnering significant sales of $12.24 million and $9.52 million respectively, in the past 30 days. The stellar performance of these collections positions Space Pepes in 11th place and Bitcoin Frogs in 15th place in terms of sales volume over the past month.

A Surprising Surge in Bitcoin’s NFT Sector

Bitcoin’s foray into the world of NFTs has proven to be successful, with the cryptocurrency emerging as the second-largest NFT chain. The significant surge in NFT sales has demonstrated Bitcoin’s growing popularity and potential in the NFT market. While it still trails behind Ethereum, Bitcoin’s growing presence highlights the increasing interest and adoption of NFTs within the Bitcoin community.

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