Bitzipp Brings Security Like Never Before with Bitzipp Wallet

29 October 2021, London UK: Globally, the finance industry suffers from 20% of all cyber attacks causing the loss of billions. Bitzipp brings revolution in finance by making financial transactions highly secure and accessible for everyone. With Bitzipp wallet, the users get a one-stop-solution for all their crypto trading needs.

Making Cryptocurrency Trading Accessible

Bitzipp wallet is a smart ecosystem that allows users to buy, sell, invest, hold and trade crypto and fiat currencies all from one secure regulated platform. The Bitzipp ecosystem is fueled by the powerful BZP Token which is indispensable for most operations on the Bitzipp wallet. So what makes Bitzipp wallet stand ahead of the competition?

  • Privacy — Built on the trust of a blockchain network, Bitzipp wallet allows users to store, send and receive their crypto assets with total privacy.
  • Security — Bitzipp wallet is an amalgamation of benefits from the traditional financial machinery and state-of-the-art blockchain security system. This highly secure integration prevents the platform from any potential vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Ensuring Best Price — Bitzipp wallet has a distinct mechanism which provides users with the most competitive buy and sell prices. With a single account on the Bitzipp wallet, buyers get the cheapest buying prices while ensuring the most expensive selling price for the sellers.
  • Advantages of Multi-level Account — On Bitzipp wallet, users can make endless trades by having multi-level accounts which can range from START account level to VIP account level. The trading power of the user depends on how much BZP Tokens they hold, bigger the holding, higher their account levels, entitling them to more options.
  • One-stop Staking Destination — The extensively researched design of Bitzipp wallet ensures incredible user experience, all with a few clicks on a single platform! The wallet allows users to stake one or more coins and receive rewards in the form of BZP tokens.
  • Designed for the smoothest User Experience — Bitzipp ecosystem connects user experience in the mobile APP and the Desktop version to offer an easy usage interface for stakeholders at all levels.

About Bitzipp

Bitzipp ecosystem brings people closer to cryptocurrencies by connecting user experience in the mobile APP and the Desktop version. BitZipp Wallet is a secure regulated platform that enables users  to store, send and receive all their crypto assets with total privacy, all while ensuring best price for them.

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