CryptoGames Review: How A Top-class Crypto Casino Functions

Casino and gambling have been one of the most popular sources of entertainment since the 17th century. It is said that the first casinos and gambling appeared in Italy during that time. Ever since then, the gambling culture has evolved to meet the new expectations from the modern entertainment industry. Physical casinos have turned to become more modern by offering many new services and functions. The games are more fun and engaging for everyone present.

They have also created their very own online versions and have enabled digital payment systems. Meaning, along with fiat currencies, the casinos have now enabled the use of digital currencies that are also known as Cryptocurrencies. This has led internet users to create and offer more casinos online. The gamblers who are active on the internet are being blessed with the opportunity to enjoy fine modern gambling experiences online. The online casinos are not only offering new edge casino experiences but also giving the traditional gamblers more opportunities to engage themselves in several modern gambling events. This review will take you on a dive into one of the best crypto casinos found online.

From highly secure financial transaction systems to unmatched crypto versions of casino games, the casino serves its players with the best gambling experiences. Making modern gambling accessible to everyone, CryptoGames is a remarkable crypto casino that has polished its architecture to be available from all devices. Along with a fine list of games, it simultaneously offers all necessary components to its players. Before diving inside the casino, here is a short background check on CryptoGames:

CryptoGames is an online casino that is fully registered and licensed under the jurisdiction of the Curacao government and run by its owner company MuchGaming B.V. . There are10   games in total on the website and a financial system that supports 10 cryptocurrencies for deposit, withdrawal, and exchange. The casino also has a unique UI, transaction systems, and incredible gambling policies. Here are small descriptions of all the attributes you can enjoy at CryptoGames.

Unique UI

Unlike other over-the-top online casinos, CryptoGames focuses on an architecture that is efficient and accessible through all devices. Every game has sleek and lightweight designs that are easy to master with little effort. The outline of the website has been ensuring smooth navigation since the beginning. The games are not interrupted with any unwanted click baits or unwanted popups. This guarantees that the games are as clean as they can be. The players can rest assured of zero chances of malicious virus attacks or being victims of phishing. The UI also offers a live chatbox that is always open for the players to utilize. The design of the chatbox isn’t anything ordinary. It offers all players the privilege to talk to each other, even send cryptocurrencies as a token of gifts as well as the privilege to buy lottery tickets. The chatbox allows the VIP players to use it to communicate with the managers of the casino directly for an entire month. Moreover, there are many other cool and important features and policies on the website for gaming purposes as well as for preventing any players from forming bad habits like spending excessive time on the website. The Self-exclusion policy is one of the thoughtful gambling policies one can find inside the UI of CryptoGames.

Offered Transaction Systems

To complete all kinds of transactions, the players will find a system, that includes both traditional and advanced systems. Many convert their cryptocurrencies into credits and then put any one of the 10 cryptocurrencies to use for the games. Full registration is a must to enable the transactions. Once the registration process has been completed, the players get to deposit or withdraw any amount of funds they want to. They can even exchange their cryptocurrencies directly from the website or through another website. For all exchanges, CryptoGames provides the latest conversion rates for the players. And all the conversation rates are updated every 10 minutes. At the casino, all players will be able to find all of these ten cryptocurrencies:


Bitcoin Cash,


Ethereum Classic,







Players can follow the given options to make deposits, withdrawals, and exchanges.

  • For fund deposits, the credit card deposit system for fiat currencies is accessible through Onramper. With this option, all registered players can use their credit cards to deposit their fiat funds for the games. Any amount of fiat currencies can be directly deposited into the casino. However, to enable this system, a player must follow the direction given by the website, Onramper, and also verify their accounts beforehand.
  • For regular fund deposits, players can go to their account tab and then select the Deposit Tab. Then go to make any amount of deposits they wish to.
  • For exchanges of funds, the advanced exchange system is provided through ChangeNow. With this option, all registered players can convert any one of their different Cryptocurrencies. This means, if a player uses any different cryptocurrencies than what is offered at the casino, then they can simply convert it to the one available at CryptoGames by simply visiting the ChangeNow website.
  • For regular exchanges, players can go to their account tab and then select the Exchange Tab. Then go to convert their desired amounts from the provided cryptocurrencies.
  • The withdrawal system only has the regular method where players go to their account tab and then select withdraw. Then they withdraw their rewards following the rules.

At the casino, the players get to choose any one of these given methods for their transactions. The process for making any kind of transaction is really easy and free of complications for all players. If anyone is unsure about the whole system or has not been able to explore the games then they can always choose to at first use the Play Money currency to play at the casino. With the play currency, they can check out 8 games out of 10. The only exception is the game of Lottery since it can only be played using 4 cryptocurrencies.

Library of Games and Their House Edges

An enriched library of casino games can be found on the website of CryptoGames. Each one of the games has been made with exclusive architecture that has acquired praises from all the players. For all of the games, there are highly lucrative house edges. Each one of the house edges has been set by the casino to allow the players to win more rewards here than they would in any other place. All the games have a highly impressive lightweight design. They also have really simple guidelines that are complemented by the amazing list of features. All the features have been added to the games thoughtfully so that players don’t have to stress themselves especially if they are new to gambling. The games are also available in the monthly events where players compete against each other in the most thrilling environment.


On the list of games, Dice is the first one to greet the players. It is the first game the Play Now button introduces you to. The game’s board opens up to show all the cryptocurrencies available for the game. The casino’s Play Money currency will also be available for testing the game. Auto Bet feature is also available for the game. There will also be an opportunity for the players to check out the progressive jackpot. In Dice, players have to select their bet amount at first and set up other conditions for their bet either manually or by using the Auto Bet option. In the Auto Betting feature, the players can set up other conditions for more number of bets. This means the Auto Bet feature runs multiple bets at once. The goal for the players of Dice is to make a right guess about the dice roll result.


To offer the players with great gambling experience through a classic card game, CryptoGames has added Blackjack to its list. In Blackjack, the house dealer is the opponent a player has to beat. The players are free to use all 10 cryptocurrencies for the game. Players have to build a hand that is better than the house dealers without scoring more than 21 points. The casino has given the players of Blackjack easy guidelines to follow and a greatly lucrative payout table that rewards the players more than any other place. Players have to decide how much they would want to bet in one round before they hit deal. If the first 2 cards sum up to 21 points then the casino compensates the player instantly. Or up until someone scores more than 21 points or beats the other with a winning hand.


One of the simplest games in gambling history is undoubtedly, Lottery. Lottery is the only game at the casino which has no house edge for its players. Because of this, the game can reward its players with the entire profit raised from the ticket sales. Lottery is accessible with 4 cryptocurrencies. While other games can be played with all ten cryptocurrencies, this one is only available for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin users. Lottery tickets can be purchased from the Buy Tickets tab and as well as by using the chatbox commands. The players are free to buy a maximum of 10000 lottery tickets per round and each lottery round has a limited 50,000 lottery tickets. CryptoGames uses provably fair technology and fair policies to draw the winning tickets. Their used method is known as the Random Picker which is a third-party application. The modern design of the game displays all the necessary elements a player has to check out during each lotto round.


The game offers the players an experience of playing the European version of a Roulette that requires careful calculations. The name for Roulette is taken from a French word that means “little wheel”. For Roulette, the design displays a rotating wheel that contains 37 numbers and one zero. Players can place their betting chips on the numbers they think might show up as the neighbor bets. The players can stack up several chips on the table. Roulette also includes an automatic feature that places the betting chips for the players. This means players can choose to place their bets through the computer. The automatic feature chooses the numbers randomly and thus helps the players to place correct bets. The feature for Roulette is known as the “Neighbour Bets”. There are 4 automatic options in the feature.


Many old-school gamblers know Plinko since it was featured on the show, “The Price is Right” in the 1980s. Keeping the design of the old school Plinko in mind, the modern version has been designed to be accessible through 10 different cryptocurrencies as well as the Play Money currency. For Plinko, there is a digital pyramid built with many digital pegs and four different payout slots located at the bottom. Players drop a ball from the top of the pyramid. The ball they drop comes in four colors. Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. Whenever a color is chosen, the ball turns into that color and it will reach the payout slot that is solely dedicated for that color. When the colored ball makes its way to a profitable slot at the bottom, the players get compensated for the round. Each color has its individual house edge and a payout multiplier. Players get compensated according to the payout table and the different house edges.


The redesigned model of Dice brings more intensity to the players and a totally different look from the regular version. The redesigned model is known to the players as DiceV2. It has a similar objective as Dice where an individual has to make a correct prediction about the result. If the player can correctly predict then the dice will stop on the green zone on the slider bar. Instead of using the normal method for customizing the bets, players can even use the slider to customize their winning chances or payout multiplier. On the leftmost side of the bar, winning chances will be MAX while on the rightmost side, the winning chances will be MIN. The cool new design also has the Auto Bet function and has one of the coolest visual and audio during the Dice roll.  It also offers progressive jackpots for the players.


One of the highly entertaining games onboard is Minesweeper. It is offered at CryptoGames to let the players earn easy rewards in every bet. The game allows the withdrawal of rewards for every box a player successfully clicks on or avoids the mine. This instant cash-out option is only available in Minesweeper. The option will be null if a player hits a mine, and the entire bet amount will be lost. In CryptoGames’ Minesweeper, players have to conquer a specified number of mines for every round. This number can be set by the players themselves. Upon a click, the box either returns a mine or a coin. Players get to set the number of mines they want to clear before the game starts so there is no additional step to maintain during the game. Beginner-level gamblers can always choose CryptoGames’ Minesweeper as their top choice for its flexible options for wins.

Video Poker: 

Three exciting options of Video Poker are available for the players to test out their card game skills. All the available cryptocurrencies can be used for playing all 3 different versions at the casino. Although many backs out from testing the game, it is one of the easiest card games that can be thoroughly enjoyed after a few practices. And since CryptoGames offer the Play Money currency, it will also be easy for the players to navigate their way through the guidelines of the game. Choosing any version is extremely easy since the tab located on the top left corner of the board will show all three variants upon a single click. Players can also change the cryptocurrency they are using at any time.  Among the three versions, Jacks or Better is the first version offered to the players and then there are Tens or Better, and Bonus Poker. There are three different house edges for the three variants individually.


Many fervent gamblers believe that no casino is complete without the classic Slot game. The Slot machine carries the classic essence of old-school gambling to all the gamblers around the world. The game has super simple rules that are not at all hard to comprehend. Players have to put forward the least amount of effort into the game. Each round has to be played to land any one of the 7 winning combinations. Bet size, amount of funds have to be placed before the player Spins the machine. When the spin returns a winning combination, it immediately pays the player according to the payout. Each combination carries a certain amount of payout and is created with 5 different colorful symbols that gets displayed in the middle. Although the combinations are all nicely put together in the guidelines section, they do not have to appear in any particular order. This is why new gamblers can play Slot with the aim to land a winning combination in every round. Each of the combinations carries its own individual payout amounts.

Keno (1.0 %)

Keno is the most recently added game at the casino. It has already gained many loyal players for offering easy objectives similar to the one of the Lottery. The game is designed to feature a field of numbers ranging from 1 to 40. Out of these 40 numbers, players may pick 1 to 10 to make predictions. This means the numbers they pick must match the numbers that will come up in the result to score a win. The players are compensated for getting two or more numbers correct. There are four options to choose from while setting the payout multiplier. In each one of them, a player will find a different set of payout multipliers for the round. There are Auto Bet and Random Pick features available for Keno players.

Automatic Gaming Features

CryptoGames offer really easy guidelines for all of their games. The games don’t only contain simple instructions but also smart automatic features for the players to use at any point during the bet. To run multiple bets under a specified customization, players make the best use of the Auto Bet feature. Before they start a game, they can set the functions for Auto Bet. With the feature, bets can run for multiple rounds depending on a specified bet size, payout multiplier. The flow can also be made to change based on the amount of fund total. Another fine example of the automatic gaming features available at the casino is called, the Smart Hold feature. It is only available for all three versions of Video Poker. The casino allows the players to use this feature when they are unsure of which cards they want to hold on to during the deals.

Useful Blog and Forum:

While all the games are built to provide endless entertainment to every level of gamblers, sometimes they may get a little confusing especially if you have no prior experience in crypto gambling. Keeping that in mind, CryptoGames has built a platform that provides consistent and thoughtful service to everyone. One of the most prominent services is provided through their Blog and Forum. These two are finely created modern components that help the players in building a strong community. Through Blog posts, players are kept aware of all the elements of the casino including the latest ones! The Forum keeps everyone well engaged at the casino by offering them an open space to discuss game strategies or simply join a thread of discussion.

Responsible Gambling at Its Finest

CryptoGames acts as a highly engaging casino that also strongly aims in building a responsible and safe space for gamblers. It aims to become a space where safe gambling policies like Time Out Policies, Self Exclusion policies also protect the gamblers from going overboard with excitement. From the top to the bottom, the casino is capable of providing the players with top-class entertainment and it is quite visible that they are doing a great job in earning loyal gamblers or players on their website. With all that they are already providing; i.e 10 exclusively created games, fine transaction services, lucrative gaming features, it can be easily said that CryptoGames is the finest gambling space for all new gamblers to experience responsible gambling.

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