DungeonCrypto Announces RPG Play-to-Earn Game on Binance Smart Chain

The DungeonCrypto team is pleased to announce the release of its RPG P2E game built on Binance Smart Chain platform.

The team explained further that theDungeonCrypto is a strategy game where players will participate in tons of territorial conquests and dungeon exploration.

How the Game Works

DungonCrypto leverages the power of blockchain technology to create a unique universe for players where Heroes (DHERO) characters are at their disposal for use. Players’ numerous missions include recruiting Heroes for their armies for battles with other players.

According to the team, the game’s primary objective is to train these heroes and deploy them for treasure-searching dungeons explorations. Players’ chances of getting huge rewards while playing the DungeonCrypto game are dependent on their ability to embark on extensive adventures.

How to Play the Game

According to the team, players need a hero or more to play the game. They can either purchase a hero from the marketplace or purchase a mystery box and receive a hero as a gift.

Players can choose from the three game levels which are Common, Rare, and Legendary. A hero’s strength is determined by its rarity and it can be used to collect more rewards during the dungeon exploration.

Reward-Earning Opportunity

The team explained further that earning opportunities await players who can dare to explore the dungeon. Players will gain more experience with each enemy they defeat while massive rewards await players who successfully clear a dungeon.

The crypto community was informed that the game is currently in the beta stage. Although most of the game’s important features are yet to be released, the team explained that players can start claiming rewards. They can also keep up with the project’s launch forecasts and Roadmap via the team’s social media pages.

Players can rest assured of make more from playing this game where each DHERO is an NFT which gives holders increased tradability and ownership. During explorations, players can find other NFTs such as items, heroes, and several others.

Players are allowed to sell their DHERO in exchange for $DGN at an exchange fee of 15%. All the $DGN you spend on minting these heroes will be added to the reward pool.

The team offers several rewards opportunities in DungeonCrypto. Players are allowed to participate in battles that allow them to get rewards for each successful battle.

ROI Expectations

The DungeonCrypto team is aware of the importance of return on investment to gamers. Currently, a DungeonCrypto Hero costs 500 $DGN. The team estimated that gamers will earn the value of their investment within 21 and 29 days.


The game’s main currency is $DGN. Players can use the multipurpose token to trade items, exchange them, or forge them.

The token’s contact address is: https://bscscan.com/address/0xde3ce2a1577167fc9a3a21256d1d1bc9ebcc3ba2

  • Total Tax: 8% on each buy/sell transaction.
  • Marketing: 4%
  • Liquidity: 2%
  • Developer: 2%

Social Media

Website: https://dungeoncrypto.com

Telegram Group: https://t.me/dungeontoken

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dungeon_token

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/dungeoncryptoannouncement

Email: [email protected]