EHP Technology Launches Its New Geothermal Heat Mining System

EHP Technology Company has announced the launch of its revolutionary geothermal heating system. The Company’s CEO, Mr. Anıl Çil made the announcement while speaking to reporters at an event organized by the company. According to Mr. Anıl Çil, the newly launched EHP geothermal heat mining system will help mitigate the lapses and inefficiencies of the existing conventional heat mining systems in the market.

Overview of EHP-Powered Geothermal Heat Mining System

Before the advent of EHP technology, boreholes are drilled to reach the geothermal resource. Practically, owners must have at least 3 wells drilled; one main well, the spare, and the reinjection well. To ensure the sustainability of the geothermal resource, it is essential to feed back the extracted fluid to the resource. Suppose the reinjection process is not properly executed. In that case, there is a high chance that chemical wastes like arsenic, ammonia, mercury, lithium, and lead in the fluid can cause serious damage to humans and the environment.

However, the EHP-based geothermal heat mining system operates in an entirely different way from the conventional ones. The system obtains geothermal energy in the simplest, cheapest, fastest, and most cost-effective way. This is achieved by exclusively carrying only the heat energy of the geothermal source without the need for reinjection. According to the founding team, EHP Technology will cause the geothermal heating systems’ cost to decrease by up to 58% while also maintaining the same efficiency as conventional ones.

Due to EHP’s high-capacity heat conducting feature, heat is transmitted to the systems without bringing the hot water to the surface. This decreases the number of wells drilled, reducing investment and operating costs.

About EHP Technology

EHP Technology is a licensed technology company specializing in designing and researching energy and the movement of heat from one point to another using ultra-modern engineering tools. The Company has its headquarters in Switzerland and has developed the first and only 3-phase heat transfer technology currently in existence worldwide. The Company’s mission is to build cost-effective and energy-efficient products that can be completely integrated with clean energy sources up to 100%.  

These products are deployed across multiple industries, like chilling, defense, metal production, and petroleum refining industries, to mention a few. The technology has no designated lifespan, as the products will continue to function optimally, provided they are not damaged and emptied. Additionally, EHP does not need supplementary/spare materials to work. It doesn’t need moving parts, inserts, or assistants, so users don’t have to worry about the cost of maintenance.  

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