Introducing MBANK, A Decentralized Financial Protocol Built For The Metaverse

October 27, 2022– MBANK aims to play a significant role in the future of the metaverse by building a new financial protocol where all contract permissions are discarded and the liquidity pool is locked (100 years) to achieve real community governance. All participants are equal, providing MBANK token holders with the highest stable return on cryptocurrency in a sustainable fixed compound interest model. MBANK was audited by one of the biggest auditing firms in China, and also internationally by Armors, a top international authoritative auditor. 

MBANK plans to release two NFT collections, Genesis NFT, and United Genesis NFTs. The Genesis NFTs comprises of 360 pieces, while the United Genesis NFTs are more in supply, around 1057 pieces. Holders of these NFTs would have exclusive opportunities MBANK has to offer upon launch, and they would play an important role in building the MBANK ecosystem in the metaverse. MBANK native token, $MBANK would support the protocol in the metaverse. 

MBANK’s token mechanism is uniquely designed to benefit holders with an APY of up to 18000% for just holding. Some of the mechanisms include token-holding with automatic compounding, with the value automatically minted every 3 seconds. In addition, there are no black and white list, no reserved tokens, and backflow.Anti-bot mechanisms have also been implemented to prevent whales from controlling a large supply of the treasury.

MBANK’s token distribution is as follows:

 8% buyback into the pool

  4% referral reward (hold more than 2000 tokens can get referral reward)

  3% burn

The dynamic daily compound interest of $MBANK is superimposed by 2.08%, and the static daily fixed income is 2.08%, bringing the annual rate of return to about 183394%. 

MBANK looks to play a significant rule in Web3, and building a decentralized financial protocol for metaverse enthusiasts. To learn more about MBANK, you can reach out via the following channels: