Kommunitas Successfully Completes 31st Token Burn, Eliminating Over 424 Million $KOM Tokens to Strengthen Market Position

Strategic Burn Reinforces Token Scarcity and Highlights Commitment to Enhancing Token Value Through Community Engagement

[Panama, 13 May]: Leading decentralized crowdfunding ecosystem Kommunitas announces its 31st token burn event is successfully and permanently removing 424,749,197 $KOM tokens out of circulation. Valued at around $1,189,298, this was a major step towards increasing the value of the token by means of reducing its supply and engaging our active community.

Aligning Token Supply with Community Engagement

This recent burning has been part of Kommunitas’ wider strategy to keep the appropriate levels of token supply in order to maintain economic stability and attractiveness for $KOM in a market that is full of competition among cryptocurrencies. It is worth mentioning that Kommunitas executed two types of burns such as social engagement and DxLock Burns where it’s important to reduce the number of tokens on one hand while fostering an active audience on the other.

Enhancing Token Value through Deflationary Practices“Our latest token burn event also demonstrates our commitment to maintaining a thriving deflationary token economy,” says Robby Jeo, CEO at Kommunitas. “Every time we burn tokens, we’re not just reducing their number. We’re also working to make $KOM more valuable and stable, helping our ecosystem stay strong and grow financially.”

The company has burned nearly 29 billion $KOM since inception through periodic burns signifying its aggressive approach to managing tokens. The specific April 2024 burn involved tokens collected through various community-driven initiatives which prove that it believes in usages-driven change.

Community-Driven Initiatives Bolster Token EconomicsStrategies like Social Engagement Burns have incentivized communities by tying their social interactions with burned tokes directly. In essence, this pioneering method supports the market value of any given crypto coin while leading to a highly engaged investors’ community across different markets. Additionally, these are carried out within the Dylock Burn mechanism to cope with certain milestones developmentally associated with partnerships thereby aligning token closure with project progress.

Burn transaction details are thoroughly accessible through blockchain explorers thus requiring transparency and accountability as being vital during the burning process undertaken by Kommunitas. As a result, the transaction IDs on these explorers confirm that tokens have been fully burnt hence stakeholders can easily verify whether these burn events are really happening or not.

About KommunitasKommunitas is a decentralized crowdfunding ecosystem that supports web3.0 projects on blockchains like Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Solana, Avax, and Fantom. It functions as a launchpad or IDO platform, offering not only fundraising but also marketing, community management, influencer connections, SEO, and project development tools like vesting portals and staking platforms. Innovations include the Initial KOMmunity Offering (IKO), a tierless, decentralized IDO, and Social Engagement Burning, which rewards community interaction by reducing token supply based on social media engagement. Investors can earn passive revenue through stablecoins and KOM tokens via holding and staking, adding value and utility to their investments.

Contact Information:-

Name: Robby Jeo, CEO

Company Name: Kommunitas.net Inc.

Email Address: [email protected]

Country and City: Panama, Panama