Busan's Vision to Transform into a Global Blockchain Hub

Busan’s Vision to Transform into a Global Blockchain Hub

Busan, South Korea, aims to become a global blockchain city with initiatives like Ethereum-compatible blockchain, regulation, innovation zones, and education.

Key Takeaways

  • Busan invests $75 million in open blockchain development.
  • The city aims for a public blockchain network compatible with Ethereum and Cosmos.
  • Busan plans to launch its digital asset exchange in the first half of 2024.
  • Efforts are in place to create a supportive ecosystem for blockchain startups and businesses.

Comprehensive Strategic Development

To manifest its ambitious vision, Busan has devised a meticulous strategy that encompasses:

  • Engaging in partnerships with blockchain enterprises.
  • Crafting a regulatory environment conducive for blockchain.
  • Amplifying blockchain research and education.

The city is formulating an Ethereum-compatible blockchain mainnet that endeavors to amalgamate blockchain services from disparate mainnets onto a unified platform, catalyzing the city’s transformation into a blockchain hub.

A whopping budget of 100 billion Korean won (approx. $75 million) has been earmarked for the development of an open blockchain, drawing investments from public financial institutions in Busan and garnering interest from nearly 100 private companies.

Driving Compliance and Formulating Regulatory Frameworks

In an effort to establish itself as a blockchain city, Busan is crafting clear regulatory frameworks for blockchain and cryptocurrency enterprises. Collaborating with national authorities, the city is curating policies that balance innovation stimulation with consumer protection, aiming to provide a stable operating environment for blockchain companies and enterprises through legal clarity and regulatory compliance guidelines.

Busan is initiating “Blockchain Innovation Zones,” crafting ecosystems wherein blockchain startups and enterprises can prosper. The innovation zones are poised to provide infrastructure, resources, and an environment conducive for the blossoming of blockchain enterprises, thereby promoting blockchain business expansion and fostering collaborative endeavors.

Investing in Blockchain Education and Research

A significant thrust is also being given to blockchain education and research to nurture a skilled workforce and fuel innovation. Collaborations with universities and research institutions have been forged to proffer blockchain courses, training programs, and academic degrees, thus equipping students and professionals for blockchain-centric careers.

Integration into Government and Public Services

Busan is also keenly exploring the utilization of blockchain in public services like document verification, public records management, and voting systems, aiming to enhance transparency, reduce bureaucracy, and augment operational efficiency in government functions.

Innovations in Logistics and Healthcare through Blockchain

Leveraging its status as a major port city, Busan is exploring blockchain-based solutions to enhance transparency in supply chains, minimize paperwork, and facilitate the smooth transit of goods in logistics and international trade. Additionally, in healthcare, Busan is exploring blockchain for improving patient data management, safeguarding patient privacy, and enhancing healthcare service delivery.

Global Collaboration

Recognizing blockchain’s global nature, Busan is forging partnerships with other blockchain-friendly cities and regions across the world, promoting a network for innovation and knowledge exchange, and thereby solidifying its place in the global blockchain ecosystem.


Busan’s pathway to emerging as a blockchain city is underscored by a multifaceted strategy that intertwines policy creation, innovation nurturing, educational initiatives, and global collaborations. As it progresses in blockchain adoption, it not only solidifies its own position as a global blockchain nexus but also stands as a paragon for other cities aspiring to weave blockchain into their urban tapestry. Busan’s robust, blockchain-friendly ecosystem, business fostering, and integrative approach across varied sectors, underscore its readiness to embrace a future where blockchain becomes an integral facet of daily existence.