SHIB Telegram Admin Account Hacked, Community Warned of Scam Airdrop

SHIB Telegram Admin Account Hacked, Community Warned of Scam Airdrop

The Shiba Inu community faced a scam as the Telegram account of a prominent member, Ragnar Shib, was compromised to promote a fake BONE token airdrop.

Key Takeaways

  • The Telegram account of Ragnar Shib, a Shiba Inu admin, was hacked and utilized to promote a fraudulent BONE token airdrop.
  • Vet Kusama and DaVinci, prominent members of the Shiba Inu community, issued warnings to avoid interaction and any link associated with the compromised account.
  • A call for heightened cybersecurity measures has been made by the community following the incident.

Crypto Scam

In an unfortunate turn of events, the Shiba Inu community has found itself amidst a crypto scam. Ragnar Shib, an admin in the community, had his Telegram handle hacked, which was subsequently used to broadcast a bogus BONE token airdrop to the community members. The malevolent actor exploited the handle to announce what was touted to be a reward for the community’s engagement and participation in the form of free BONE tokens, accessible via a web portal. The scam message targeted holders, followers, and builders within the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

Upon noticing the security breach, other notable figures in the community, Vet Kusama and DaVinci, swiftly acted to prevent further damages. Vet Kusama, related to Shytoshi Kusama, an anonymous leader of the Shiba Inu development team, utilized the X platform to alert and urge the SHIB Army to steer clear of any links and ignore messages originating from Ragnar Shib’s compromised Telegram account. Similarly, DaVinci, an admin on Shiba Inu’s Discord channel, issued a warning to community members to refrain from engaging in communications or transactions with the hijacked account and urged them to report any suspect activity immediately.

In the wake of this scam attempt, community discussions have pivoted towards the necessity of a dedicated cybersecurity unit within the Shiba Inu development team to thwart similar occurrences in the future, safeguarding the community from potential fraud and securing the investments and digital assets of its members.


The hacking incident underscores the pervasive risk of scams and security breaches in the cryptocurrency sphere. Communities like Shiba Inu, given their significant following and impactful presence in the crypto space, are lucrative targets for malicious actors. This situation accentuates the urgent need for fortified cybersecurity measures and robust security protocols to safeguard not only the investments and assets within the community but also to maintain the credibility and trust that such platforms hold among their users. Being proactive in ensuring secure, safe digital spaces is paramount to fostering and maintaining a stable and thriving crypto community.